Welcome to the Mammouth laineux !

Let me introduce myself briefly. Karine, it’s me behind the Mammouth laineux.

I knit. Since I am little, or at least big enough to hold needles and have a little patience. My first project was a sweater for my doll, made out of some spare yarn from my mom’s basket.

Since then, I knit one project after the other. If life has imposed me pauses from time to time, I always come back to the needles with joy and well-being.

Today, mother of three children and a career of nearly 20 years in landscape architecture, I want more than ever to share my love of the art of yarn. I am delighted to embark in the adventure of entrepreneurship. The online boutique «Mammouth laineux» hopes to greet your expectations in the world of ready-to-knit.

Our vision

At Mammouth laineux, we believe in a relaxing, soothing and unique knitting experience. We wish to help you with the choice of the right knitting project. Hence, we prepare for you a ready-to-knit kit, according to the colors you will have chosen.

Our values

We want to reinvent the art of yarn by creating up-to-date and contemporary knitting models. Each season comes with the development of new patterns. It is important for us that you can personalize your project, give it your color. Choose the shades of your model.

To enhance local products
We love our neighbours and want to let you know them. Whenever possible, we try to choose our raw material from Québec and Canada. You are a local artisan ? You think you can offer us your products or services ? Contact us we want to know you !

Common grounds with our clients
We wish to build with our customers a business that resembles you. Your constructive comments and suggestions are more than welcome. We try to answer your questions and always improve our products and our service.

A business resolutely wired on the future
Who said that social networks were isolating people from each other? On the opposite, we believe that we can create a knitting lovers’ community through the different web platforms. Chat room or place to propose appointments, the online store offers a tab that also allows people to meet for real. Share your knits, make noise, organize a party!