X-SMALL/SMALL SIZES - Big Bang Beanie Hat


  • 20.00$

Beanie with a pompon, ready-to-knit. Approximate finished dimensions: 38-42 (42-48) cm head circumference, 12 (15) cm height.

Level : Beginner

Techniques used : How to knit, How to purl, 1/1 ribs, decreases

This ready-to-knit kit includes

  • 1 ball of yarn, main color of your choice
  • 9 meters of yarn, contrasting color of your choice
  • 1 darning needle
  • The knitting instructions
  • Optional: Size 5,5 mm (9 US) straight needles

Yarn type : 100% Wool

Detailed description
Before the Big Bang, these was nothing. Nil, Zilch, Nada. Then, came THE Big Bang. And all of a sudden, a whole universe was available to you. The needles and the wool, the knit and the purl stitches, 1/1 ribs, the garter stitch and the decreases. For a beginner, with its pompom that seems to revolve around, the Big Bang beanie will become a favorite. Do not wait, get into knitting, your heart will go Bang Bang!

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