Pad'bobo Family


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Dry pad ready-to-knit. Approximate finished dimensions: 12 x 19 cm (18 x 25 cm) x (20 x 29 cm).

Level : Beginner

Techniques used : How to knit, How to purl

This ready-to-knit kit includes

  • 2 (3, 4) balls of tube yarn, color of your choice
  • 4 squares of felt, different colors
  • 2 lengths of embroidery thread, different colors
  • 1 zipper
  • 1 net bag filled with rice
  • 1 darning needle
  • The knitting instructions
  • Optional: Size 5,5 mm (9 US) straight needles

Yarn type : 70% Cotton / 30% Polyestre

Detailed description
The Pad’bobo family enters the Mammouth laineux collection. The Pad’bobo pouch is a dry pad intended to ease the small pains of the young and older ones. It is an ideal project for beginners. Effectively, it is fast to realize. The pattern is kept simple allowing a good practice of the basic stitches. Finally, if there are mistakes in the knit, it just enhances the beauty of this small monster treating your small sores.

To customize with the pieces of felt and embroidery thread included in the kit.


The felt pieces are not precut. Some templates are available in the pattern instructions.

The Mammouth laineux is responsible for choosing the felt and embroidery thread colors according to availability. 

Each felt square measures 10 x 14 cm. Each embroidery thread has a length of approximately 4 m.

Approximate dimensions and final weigth:

  • Mini-Jo: 12 x 19 cm / 500 gr
  • Ptit-Jo: 18 x 25 cm / 1000 gr
  • Jo: 20 x 29 cm / 1500 gr
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