X-SMALL/SMALL SIZES - The Leprechaun Hat


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Pointed hat ready-to-knit. Approximate finished dimensions: 38-42 (42-48) cm hand circumference, 12 (15) cm height.

Level : Beginner

Techniques used : How to knit, How to purl, 1/1 ribs, decreases

This ready-to-knit kit includes

  • 1 ball of yarn, main color of your choice
  • 1 darning needles
  • The knitting instructions
  • Optional: Size 5,5, mm (9 US) straight needles

Yarn type : 100% Wool

Detailed description

If you are new to knitting, the Leprechaun Hat is the ideal project for you. The hat combines different basic techniques such as ribs, decreases and invisible seam. Decorated with a tassel made from the same yarn, the hat makes everyone who wears it a little mischievous.

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